Image by Greg Rakozy
The Constellation of you

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

- Oscar Wilde

Shine your unique light.

Branding sets you apart from others and expresses your unique gifts and offerings to the world. It has an energy, a persona, an intelligence that promises an experience.

Brand experts use Jungian Archetypes to shape a brand personality. And, what most people don't know, is Jung was an astrologer and read his client charts to understand the deeper aspects of the psyche. From the moment we are born, each of us has a unique map of soul archetypes that influences our behavior. The map is our natal chart and it reveals our super powers, challenges and the essence of who we are.

Branding is a process of transformation, that enables you to express the soul of your business. Soul + Brand is a coaching and branding method that uses astrology to provide deeper insight into who a client is and how they want to shape their brand. It provides insight to understand their soul's mission, so they can embody their brand and empower their future.

As your creative partner, we will help you create an authentic brand from the inside out. A brand that radiates the essence of who you are. A conscious brand that reflects your depth and value. That expresses your uniqueness and empowers your mission. That inspires a sense of freedom and desire to share your uniqueness with the world.


When you do, you become more magnetic. Attracting, co-creating, and manifest the right people and opportunities to you. And, it starts with you and your intention.


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