your brand
is the soul
of your business

Be Yourself,
Everyone Else
is Already Taken.
- Oscar Wilde

Your brand sets you apart from others and expresses your unique gifts and offerings to the world. In most cases, your brand is the first impression you make and what people will remember about you.


Archetypes are the soul of your brand. They are universal personas that motivate the psyche and inspire new thoughts, feelings and actions. And, are key in developing a brand personality.


With over 20 years as a brand expert, I want to understand who my client is, and who they are becoming. For this reason, I use astrology to understand their soul's archetypes.

From the moment we are born there is a cosmic blueprint of our qualities that reveals our strengths, challenges and life’s path. An astrology chart reveals the essence of who we are, our elemental natures and our path of potential. 


Understanding this helps me know my clients at a deeper level, because their chart is like a map that expresses their uniqueness and authenticity. Plus using astrology empowers them to move past limiting beliefs by gaining clarity into who they are and they are becoming.

Discover your soul's mission, rebrand your life and live your brand.

Astro Branding

From the stars in our DNA, to the moon controlling the tides, we are a part of this universe., and  has a story to tell. Each life born, has unique archetypes within it's psyche. These archetypes are defined by astrology. And, when we understand them we can empower our life's path.