Branding is
the soul of your business

Brand is just perception, and perception will match reality over time.
- Elon Musk

Branding gives life and form to your intention. It is the energetic seed that holds your vision, conveys your values, and expresses your personality. While a good brand is memorable, a great brand goes deeper. A great brand has an unmistakable energy - it is authentic, true to itself and, has soul. 

But branding can be a complicated journey and it's easy to feel overwhelmed, confused and not know where to begin. Or, feel stuck, blocked and not know how to take your brand to the next level.

The truth is, your brand starts with you. As a creative life coach, I use astrology to help my clients to become who they are meant to be.

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level?

Discover your soul's mission, step outside the box of limiting beliefs, rewrite your story and rebrand your life.

Astro Branding

From the stars in our DNA, to the moon controlling the tides, we are a part of this universe., and  has a story to tell. Each life born, has unique archetypes within it's psyche. These archetypes are defined by astrology. And, when we understand them we can empower our life's path.

I use astrology as part of my branding process, because it provides me with a unique insight into an individual's personal archetypes, creating an authentic foundation to build the brand on.

Renee Rotkopf

Soulful Brand Coach

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