As a Soulpreneur, you want to pursue your passion, improve the lives of others, and make a difference in the world.

You want to create a life you love and achieve financial freedom - but it’s not easy. You need to wear many hats and learn new things with countless workshops, online classes, YouTube videos, and books.

But deep down inside, you know the real key to your success is not in the knowledge you obtain, but in the wisdom of believing in yourself every day.

And, believing in yourself means that you know your values, and embody what you stand for. And, have the clarity and vision to move forward with passion and purpose.

That's why building an authentic brand is so important.

Experience The Soulpreneur's Society
A Supportive Community of Branding, Beliefs, Marketing and Magic

Discover your core self and soul purpose through astrology. 
And get support and coaching to become unstoppable. 

The Soulpreneur Society is a supportive community of spiritually minded entrepreneurs just like you.
Inspiring, motivating, and growing together through traditional branding and marketing practices, along with metaphysics and coaching techniques that will take you from where you are now - to where you want to be.


Learn how to move past limiting beliefs. Build greater resilience and establish growth mindsets to become unstoppable.


Explore how to create an authentic brand from the inside out. Using astrology to understand your core self and soul power.


Marketing is about growing and sharing your brand. Attracting the right audience and giving them what they need.


We are more powerful than we realize. We will activate our intention, using ritual and astrology to create magic.

Membership Pricing

  • Basic Month Membership
  • $44 USD

    per month

    Pay as you go.

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  • Basic Year Membership
  • $444 USD

    per year


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  • Goldpreneur Monthly Plan
  • $244 USD

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    This monthly plan includes one private 75 minute session each month.

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  • Goldpreneur Yearly Plan
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    This Gold yearly plan includes one private 75 minute session each month for one year. Includes with one month free.

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How does it work?
Every 2 weeks will features a new topic. And will include meditation as well as resilience techniques to enhance your creativity and help you navigate life's stressful challenges. Some of the benefits include:

• Connect with a supportive community
• Receive live support for your brand
• Build confidence in yourself and your brand
• Develop creative clarity through group exercises
• Release limiting beliefs through coaching exercises
• Discover your core self through astrology
• Enhance your focus and intuition through meditation

When + Where
We will meet twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month, from 9:30am EST - 11am EST. The first 60 minutes of each meeting focus on a new theme, including homework. If you miss a class, you will have access to the video of the session as well as the PDF of the presentation as well as worksheets.

The last 30 minutes will be saved for group Q+A and sharing, so if anyone needs to leave early they can and not miss the content.

Renee Rotkopf

Renee is a former creative director, now creative business, brand and life coach. She works with creative leaders, visionaries and soul-driven entrepreneurs offering a unique blend of transformational techniques, strategic experience, intuitive insight and compassionate guidance. 

A student of the stars and the psyche, Renee has trained in astrology, mindfulness meditation, neurolinguistics and somatic practices. She helps people go beyond limiting beliefs to understand their unique genius, to expand their growing edge and make a difference in the world.