Secrets of a Soulpreneur

From Confession to Inspiration

Twenty years ago, I envisioned a future where I would own my own business, one that would allow me to be my own boss, experience creative freedom, and make a meaningful impact on other people's lives. I knew it would take time, but I was determined to manifest this dream.

Over the next decade, I immersed myself in transformative practices, studying hypnosis, NLP, coaching, spiritual psychology, and astrology. As my journey unfolded, I discovered a passion for writing and recording meditations, an endeavor that brought me one step closer to my entrepreneurial aspirations.

When I finally left my corporate career, the metamorphosis began. The growth I experienced was as powerful and overwhelming as a tsunami, challenging me to shed layers of stress, beliefs, and old patterns that no longer served my wellbeing, my goals, and my highest good. You see, climbing the creative corporate ladder as a woman and playing the political game had left its mark. And when I was laid off I lost a part of me in that process. Those experiences settled into my nervous system, and held me back. To move forward I knew I needed to release the old stories that haunted me, as well as limiting beliefs came with it. And all of the practice I studied became an important part of my own personal toolkit. 

Overtime I've learned that the road to entrepreneurship is not easy and, there are many growing pains, and challenges along the way. But what kept me going and still does is my brand's mission statement:

I am creating a soul-centered business for creative leaders and entrepreneurs by empowering creativity, meaning and purpose.

Are you a Soulpreneur as well? Here are 7 secrets to inspire you on your path:

  1. Answer the call: Follow the deep yearning within to pursue a purpose greater than yourself. This calling speaks to your heart, ignites your passion, and encourages you to share your unique gifts with the world, even if the details aren't yet clear.
  2. Create positive change: Prioritize purpose over profit and strive to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others. Some of you may even have a vision to elevate global consciousness and contribute to a better world.
  3. Embrace personal growth: Understand that your well-being is crucial to your success. Cultivate balance between your inner and outer worlds by investing in personal development through daily routines and self-care practices that promote health, sanity, and alignment with your goals.
  4. Trust your intuition: Value your inner guidance and align your actions and decision-making with a deeper sense of knowing. Cultivate your spiritual growth and maintain a consistent meditation practice to strengthen this connection.
  5. Nurture authenticity: Create a business with integrity, meaning, and purpose. Embrace your truth and spiritual values to empower yourself, define your uniqueness, and attract your soul tribe.
  6. Develop a growth mindset: Recognize the importance of a resilient mindset in achieving success. Reach your soul goals and overcome obstacles by expanding your comfort zone, rewiring limiting beliefs, and cultivating patience as you progress.
  7. Build a soulful brand: As a Soulpreneur, acknowledge that branding is deeply personal. Create a brand that reflects your authenticity, uniqueness, and empowers you to shine, enabling you to share your gifts with the world.

And the biggest takeaway for me, is that I have learned how to embrace my vulnerabilities, as well as the lessons that shaped me. And realize how it has all fueled my desire to learn, rethink and grow.

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