Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery
and Brand Innovation

Welcome to a world where creative coaching, AI, and personal growth combine to help you transform your brand and align it with your soul purpose. As a Transformation Coach with over 20 years of experience in branding, I am here to help you unleash your innate superpowers, redefine your brand strategy, and create a captivating visual identity that reflects your authentic self.

Are you ready to elevate your brand to new heights?

  • Discover your astro-brand signature
  • Define your brand strategy: mission, vision and values  
  • Create your brand's style
  • Includes mood board, logo, color palette, typefaces  
  • Set up your Canva brand kit and social branding 
  • Includes 5 - 10 posts 
  • Astrological timings for launch dates   
  • Meet each week as well as text and email communication

Lets customize a package that's right for you.

Soul Brand Signature

Start your brand journey with a deeper dive into you and your brand.
Explore how your natal chart and soul archetypes.


Includes PDF of notes with video.

Creative Sessions

Month to month brand coaching.

These are two 90 minute sessions, that meet twice month and includes creative strategy sessions.
Plus PDF of our work together, as well as texting and email.


As seasoned astrologer, I embarked on a transformative journey with Renee to discover my brand. Her beautiful meditations connected me to my deeper, higher self while creatively brainstorming. Renee expertly combined intuition, innovation, and extensive marketing and branding experience with her understanding of astrology to craft my unique brand identity and story. Before working with Renee, I had no idea how to connect with my brand or understand its importance and beauty. She removed fear from the creative process, leaving me confident and connected to my purpose. 


Renee’s approach to branching is unique. Working with Renee was one of the best business decisions I made. The brand we created feels authentic and natural to me. My clients develop trust simply from visiting my site. Several have since turned into clients. I have learned to use my unique wiring to propel me forward. To consider the cosmic energies, harness the strength of their vibrations to develop and grow.

Tarot Reader and Healer

Last year I needed a brand refresh and found Renee. It was so refreshing to find someone that really heard me. She was patient and explained the process along the way. I have gotten nothing but great reviews on my new labels and am delighted with them, they truly represent my brand. I would encourage anyone in need of a brand refresh to work with Renee, you will not be sorry.

Claire Essenatials