Ready to discover your creative genius and share your gifts with the world?

Your brand is an acorn that carries all of the information you need to grow your business. And it is an extension of you! That's why its important to build your brand from the inside out. And when you understand who you are, at a soul level, you awaken your creative genius - and everything starts to grow.

Being a Soulpreneur, I know how challenging starting your own business is and, how overwhelming branding can become. And because I was a creative director, I also know how important it is to have a creative partner.

As an astrologer and coach, I will help you move past limiting beliefs, understand who you are, and, be in your corner, rooting, guiding, and collaborating with you along the way.

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Coaching for life, business and brand goals.

Soul Sessions

Customized sessions that focus on your life and business goals using astrology and guided using transformational practices.

  • Have greater clarity of mind and more ease in your body 
  •  Reshape the stories in your nervous system   
  • Develop a growth mindset to move beyond limiting beliefs   
  • Enhance your relationship to your intuition   
  • Set specific intentions each month   
  • Activate your intentions with the moon cycles 
  • Includes guided meditation and N.L.P. and hypnosis

Soul Brand Sessions

Designed to awaken your inner creator as we develop your brand strategy through astrology and a creative practice of brand building.

  • Intuitive insights for your brand and business
  • Discover the how your astrology can shape your brand
  • Use astrological timings to discover launch dates
  • Awaken your inner creator and reimagine what's possible
  • Define your mission, core values and vision
  • Establish your look and feel
  • Choose your unique vibrational color palette, typeface

Let's Do This Together!

Soul Sessions


These customized sessions will focus on your life and or business goals. Referencing your astrological and lunar cycles, I will help you set intentions, move past blocks, transform limiting beliefs and expand your growing edge.

Does not include a full astrology reading.

Most Popular

Super Soul Brand


Logo Package
Take your brand and soul goal to the next level. Design your unique brand using your astrological brand personality. Includes professionally designed logo, color palette, fonts and brand guide.

Does not include a full astrology reading.
Web design is extra.

Soul Brand Journey


6 Sessions
We will set an intention for your future and awaken your creative genius. Referencing the the qualities in your astrological archetypes to develop your brand personality, mission and vision for your brand and your future.

Does not include a full astrology reading.

Not sure where to begin?
Get a full astrological view of your past, present and future.

Gain greater clarity to understand your "self" and
future at a soul level with an full astrology package.


First 30 minute discovery session will discuss your intention.
Second 60 minute astrology session will discuss your natal chart and transits.
Third 60 minute astrology session will follow up with natal and review future themes and possibilities.

Includes recorded astrology sessions, and a detailed PDF of your reading as a PDF to reference anytime.
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So far working with Renee has been the most helpful thing I have done in order to open my own business. During our sessions together Renee was able to help me envision what I dream of offering in my business. With her knowledge of astrology and powerful coaching, we came up with the perfect name and logo to represent it.

Five Element Wellbeing

Renee weaves a deep understanding of ancient astrological wisdom together with strong business acumen and enthusiastic innovation to provide entrepreneurs like me with practical, thought-provoking, and custom-tailored guidance to empower authentic steps towards manifesting professional dreams. Her vast warehouse of lessons and resources are both educational and mind-expanding

H.R. Department Lead

Last year I needed a brand refresh and found Renee. It was so refreshing to find someone that really heard me. She was patient and explained the process along the way. I have gotten nothing but great reviews on my new labels and am delighted with them, they truly represent my brand. I would encourage anyone in need of a brand refresh to work with Renee, you will not be sorry.

Claire Essenatials