Your mind is creative, invite it to be your ally.
Learn how to make your mind your ally and make real change at a subconscious level. 

 Once creative directive, now transformation coach, I use an integrative process that develops intuitive insight and facilitates change at a deep level.

My integrative method includes Coaching, Astrology and Mindful Transformative Practices such as N.L.P.(Neuro-linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, Havening, Parts Integration, Guided meditation and Alchemical Breathwork.

Inner Alchemy

Your journey begins with establishing a better relationship with your heart and your mind. I offer Insight, guidance and support to navigate transition, move past limitations, build resilience, change habits and achieve personal and business goals.

  • Stay on track with your goals
  • Guided practices and personalized guided meditation
  • With or without astrology
  • Recording and homework
  • short and longer packages available 
  • N.L.P.(Neuro-linguistic Programming)
  • Hypnosis 
  • Havening
  • Guided meditation
  • Alchemical Breathwork


Activate your intention for growth month to month.

Set intentions and release old patterns each month. These customizable 60 minute sessions meet 2x month at the new and full moon. Includes coaching, astrology transit tune-up, and creative strategy. Plus texting and email.

$444 a month

2 Month minimum.

Reinvention Journey

Each of us has the potential to rewrite our story, and free us from the blocks and limitations that hold us back, make us feel small, and keep us from fulfilling our soul's mission. But some wounds are elusive and run deep, requiring extra care to help shift, change and heal. And when we do, there is a positive ripple effect that colors every aspect of our lives. Including our ability to expand our potential and achieve our goals.

In this 3 month package, we will co-create your change together. Holding sacred space for you in your process to finally move past the limiting beliefs, and find greater resilience and wisdom within. Through astrology and coaching, we will look at your deeper unconscious patterns, life lessons and celestial super powers. And learn simple practices that will align your heart and mind, to have the freedom, clarity, and confidence to create your future.

  • Create a powerful intention for change 
  •  Discover your natural super powers through astro-archetypes  
  • Integrate challenging aspects of your chart  
  • Remove blocks and rewire old patterns and for growth  
  • Personal meditation recordings  
  • Activate monthly intentions with the lunar cycles
  • Meet 2 -4 times a month as well as text and email communication
  • Includes PDF of notes with video.

Includes PDF of notes with video.


So far working with Renee has been the most helpful thing I have done in order to open my own business. During our sessions together Renee was able to help me envision what I dream of offering in my business. With her knowledge of astrology and powerful coaching, we came up with the perfect name and logo to represent it.

Five Element Wellbeing

Renee weaves a deep understanding of ancient astrological wisdom together with strong business acumen and enthusiastic innovation to provide entrepreneurs like me with practical, thought-provoking, and custom-tailored guidance to empower authentic steps towards manifesting professional dreams. Her vast warehouse of lessons and resources are both educational and mind-expanding

H.R. Department Lead

Working with Renee has been an eye opener! An inspiring journey learning more about myself. My skills, my challenges and perhaps the most important; my self-image of limited beliefs that has prevented me from pursuing my purpose. In the membership, I really like Reneeā€™s knowledgeable, professional inspiration, dedication and support.

M. R.
Furniture Designer

Intuitive Leadership Package

 Reimagine your potential, create a plan for success, and be a beacon for others.
As creative director for over 20 years, I intimately understand the landscape of corporate life. This journey is designed for career-oriented individuals aspiring to lead with intuition and purpose.

Using astrology, mindful transformational practices, guided meditation and personal branding will help you harness your natal super powers, tune into astrological cycles and align your intention and actions with your goals.

  • Discover your leadership superpowers through astrology 
  • Gain astrological insights for team building and management 
  • Create a powerful intention for change on each new moon 
  • Increase empathy and manage burn out with resilience training 
  • Develop your intuition through inner energy practices 
  • Solve problems with creative strategy sessions 
  • Use astrological timings for key dates 
  • Customized meditations 
  • Monthly lunar activations
  • 3 or 6 month packages available
  • Meet twice a month as well as text and email communication
  • Includes PDF of notes with video.

Includes PDF of notes with video.

Let's customize a unique package just for you!