Transformative coaching, creative strategy and ideation for the mind,
soul and brand.

As a visual artist, with over 20 years as a creative director, I'm passionate about the creative mind. And have acquired many skills and tools along the way to guide people through transition and transformations.

I work with soulpreneurs and creative leaders looking for perspective, to ideate, elevate and grow. And, offer many ways of working together.

Holding compassionate space to help you grow, I use effective transformative Neuro-Linguistic and Neuro-Sensory techniques, such as Hypnosis, Tapping, and Havening. I like to call these techniques Creative Mind Practices.

And also use astrology. Astrology is an amazing personality tool that reveals a client's unique genius and soul potential through their astro-archetypes. Plus it is also a great predictive tool that can forecast into the future.

See package below!

Unlock your Potential with
Astrology + Coaching + Branding

Looking for a personal transformation?

Gain the clarity and confidence to clear blocks and believe in "YOU"

  • Discover your super powers with astrological insights
  • Clear blocks with neuro-linguistic and sensory techniques
  • Develop a growth mindset through the creative mind
  • Enhance your relationship to your intuition   
  • Activate monthly intentions with the lunar cycles 

Ready to transform your brand? Or Both?

Awaken your inner creator, manifest your vision and shine.

  • Build an authentic brand from the inside out with astro-archetypes
  • Awaken your inner creator and reimagine what's possible 
  • Define your brand strategy, including mission, vision and values
  • Establish a unique look and feel, including color palette, typefaces
  • Use astrological timings for launch dates

What do the stars say about your life?

Let's talk about your future!

Astrology Reading


This 90 minute session will take a deep dive, exploring your past, present and future. Providing you with greater clarity to navigate change and make decisions.

Astrology + Coaching


This special two 75 minute sessions integrates astrology and coaching. To access your intuitive guidance to integrate with your goals and highest potential.

Insightful Creative Transformation

Coaching is a relationship, built on trust, integrity and commitment.
All packages are customizable and adaptable to your needs.
Contact me to create a unique package for you.



Cancel anytime.

Energize your intention for growth!
Stay on track with your goals. Pay as you go monthly coaching with lunar activation rituals. These sessions are customizable to suit your needs. And can include transformative coaching as well as astrology, branding, design, and marketing.

Weekly or bi-monthly check ins
Guided practices.



Creative Visionary Journey

Reimagine and reshape your future! 
Reimagine and reshape your future! Awaken your inner creator. Frame a powerful mindset, and rewrite your narrative with vision and purpose. This 6 session package will help awaken your inner creator,  create a powerful mindset, and establish your mission.

Astrology Reading,
Bi-monthly check ins,
Guided Practices,
Creative Mind Coaching,
Soul + Brand Style Guide



Starting price.

Full Astro-Brand Journey
Payment plan available.

Are you ready to launch 
or up level your brand this year? 
My soul focused approached to creative strategy, ideation and design can help you launch into a brand new you. Have more agency in your life and business by aligning your soul purpose and goals to make a soul-brand connection with your clients. And visualize your world into being.

Astrology Reading,
Regular Check Ins,
Guided Practices,
Creative Mind Coaching,
Soul + Brand Style Guide,

Add ons:
Logo, Email Marketing, Social Media 


So far working with Renee has been the most helpful thing I have done in order to open my own business. During our sessions together Renee was able to help me envision what I dream of offering in my business. With her knowledge of astrology and powerful coaching, we came up with the perfect name and logo to represent it.

Five Element Wellbeing

Renee weaves a deep understanding of ancient astrological wisdom together with strong business acumen and enthusiastic innovation to provide entrepreneurs like me with practical, thought-provoking, and custom-tailored guidance to empower authentic steps towards manifesting professional dreams. Her vast warehouse of lessons and resources are both educational and mind-expanding

H.R. Department Lead

Last year I needed a brand refresh and found Renee. It was so refreshing to find someone that really heard me. She was patient and explained the process along the way. I have gotten nothing but great reviews on my new labels and am delighted with them, they truly represent my brand. I would encourage anyone in need of a brand refresh to work with Renee, you will not be sorry.

Claire Essenatials

 Working with Renee has been an eye opener! An inspiring journey learning more about myself. My skills, my challenges and perhaps the most important; my self-image of limited beliefs that has prevented me from pursuing my purpose. In the membership, I really like Renee’s knowledgeable, professional inspiration, dedication and support.  

Thank you Renee!

M. R.
Furniture Designer

Renee has been and continues to be a tremendous resource of life-affirming positive thinking and self-awareness. For me, it has long been a challenge to "get out of my own head" and the techniques we have been practicing as a have proven helpful in recent months.

I have learned that letting go and allowing creative energy to find me can be key. Sometimes, less truly is more. I have been impressed how elements in my chart align with my mindset - though I hadn't fully realized how much - and I hope to continue on this path of mindfulness and meditation to more fully realize and activate my creative powers. 

Sports Writer

Renee’s approach to branching is unique. She starts at the original pulse which sparked the creative thought. With the magic of astrology and symbolism of words, she helped me to delve deep to know my business at the soul level. Using this as a starting point she helped me develop a brand tailor made for me.

Working with Renee was one of the best business decisions I made. The brand we created feels authentic and natural to me. My clients develop trust simply from visiting my site. Several first-time visitors have since turned into clients.

Tarot Energy Healer