The Soul of Your Brand

Astrology expresses the many parts of who we are, and can help us build a generative brand.

Your brand is an extension of you. Especially when its your personal brand. And to create an authentic brand, its important to know who you are. To create a generative brand that expresses your essence, and will shape your mission, vision and values. As well as your the voice of your copy and you look and feel. Knowing your astrology can guide you towards this understanding.

The star signs of astrology are known as the Zodiac. Many of us are aware of our sun signs from reading our horoscopes. In fact, 70% of adults read their sun-sign horoscope regularly.

But astrology doesn't stop there.

From the moment we are born, there is a cosmic imprint on our psyche, a map of self called the natal chart. This provides the psychological and spiritual language that can help us understand our strengths, challenges and opportunities. It's the "OG" of personality systems. And, a very helpful tool to navigating our life's path.

For some, its challenging to think that this is real. And that there is a fate or destiny associated with our lives. To me its in a similar category to the "spooky science" that Einstein talked about in regards to Quantum Reality. The truth is there are many things in life that are hard to understand, and that doesn't mean they don't exist. Astrology isn't a science but an archetypal language that seeks to explain things are not easy to understand, and offer keys to understanding consciousness.

And while Astrology does point to specific, inherent qualities or patterns that make up who we are in this life - we have free will. Astrology is the map, but we are the territory.

We are so much more than our sun sign. We are multifaceted beings, like a diamond, with many facets that express who we are. And learning more about our parts, the elements and modes associated with them is both fascinating and fun!

Below are the main archetypes of the Zodiac. Find the archetype that represents your sun sign and, which other qualities also call to you. Observe what represents who you mainly are (your sun), what speaks to your inner self or emotional needs (your moon) and, what speaks to how you are rise to the moment. (your ascendant). Choose the three that best represents you!

Aries, the fearless hero and pioneer. You are energized to spring into fearless action, challenging the status quo and bringing new things to life.

Taurus, the earthy materialist. A practical lover of beauty, luxury and the simple pleasure of life. You take grounded, steadfast steps to build something that has enduring value.

Gemini, the witty messenger. Eternally curious, you are social, open minded and always seeking new information and love spreading new ideas.

Cancer, the compassionate caretaker. You seek and provide safety, responding to the needs of others, nourishing and protecting those they love.

Leo, the generative creator. Dynamic and confident you shine with will power and strength. Using creative flair, you establish your sovereignty and remind others to shine.

Virgo, the industrious refiner. You perfect and improve your world, by analyzing the need and humbly serving with discernment and precision.

Libra, the harmonious diplomat. You thoughtfully collaborate with others to bring balance, grace and fairness to relationships.

Scorpio, the deep transformer. Strategically penetrating the mystery, you passionately reveal the truth and uncover your power.

Sagittarius, the adventurous explorer. Expanding your mind and your horizons with optimistic enthusiasm, you seek freedom and meaning in life.

Capricorn, the wise authority. Pragmatically and systemically you aim to achieve your goals through hard work, discipline and mastery.

Aquarius, the innovative visionary. Breaking free from convention, you see life from a unique perspective. To experiment with new ideas that serve humanity.

Pisces, the vast dreamer. You artfully swims through boundless depths of the imagination, surfacing with emotional wisdom for others.

Honor your infinite uniqueness. You are not merely a sign, but a magnificent soul, with boundless capacity to grow. Allow your personal brand to flow from here.

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