Astrology Session

Complete Reading with Notes

Explore your Self, the patterns and themes in your life.

During this enlightening 90-minute session, you will embark on a profound exploration of your true essence at a soul level. You will receive a newfound understanding, of your past, present and future potential. Feeling more grounded and empowered, you'll have a new sense of clarity, and, have greater agency to make decisions in your life. This session promises to be a transformative experience that will illuminate your path of self-discovery, personal growth and intuitive wisdom.

Plus, you'll receive both a video recording as well as full PDF with notes that you can refer to anytime.

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  • Astrology Session
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    Full Reading with Notes

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“Renee's coaching with astrology has been a transformative experience for me. Her guidance has helped me organize my life, align my intentions with the greater good, and find my purpose. I'm grateful for her intuitive approach, empathy, and genuine commitment to helping others. Thanks to Renee, I've grown, made conscious decisions, and embraced opportunities that bring me closer to my dreams. I highly recommend her packages for anyone seeking clarity and a deeper connection with themselves.”

A. P.
Marketing Executuive

I just had my first astrology reading with Renee this past fall and it was truly inspirational! Over the course of my life I have worked with a number of different astrologers. It appears that they each have their own personal spin on how they approach a reading, as well as how they deliver it. To me, the way Renee approached it was light years ahead of any reading I’ve had in the past. She “illustrates” your chart through a video presentation that you can view over and over again on Vimeo. I also found it really easy to relate to the way Renee communicates. She is upbeat and interactive which makes the whole experience a real delight! 

M. E.

Renee isn’t just an astrologist; she’s a guiding force, a beacon of light in the complexities of life. Choosing her as a birthday gift to myself a few years ago—and continuing the tradition with a session every year around my birthday—has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. With her insights, I’ve navigated personal and professional challenges with a clarity I never thought possible. Her guidance is not just about the stars; it’s about unlocking potential, understanding paths, and making informed choices with a deeper understanding of oneself. Thank you, Renee, for being the compass I didn’t know I needed. 

Innovation Leader

Renee Rotkopf Rotkopf

From corporate creative director to transformative coach, astrologer and personal brand expert. Renee's expertise can help you connect to your authentic self and soul's journey to have more agency in your life. Working directly with the subconscious mind, Renee is trained in N.L.P. , Hypnosis and Havening. Her holistic approach bridges the creative nature of the mind, with wisdom teachings to inspire the imagination and reimagine what is possible.