Create A Life You Love

An audio course in the art of manifestation.

Co-Create a Life You Love is a journey into the alchemy of manifestation. In these 10 sessions we will become curious explorers, and dive into the great mysteries of life. Noticing the fascinating connections that exist between spirituality and science, and between the universe and ourselves.  This coaching coarse will help you develop your intention and inspire you to put that intention into action. Taking you deeper inside your heart's desire, you will feel empowered you and get practical tips to help you on your path to success.

Course Curriculum

Renee Rotkopf

Renee is a former creative director, now creative business, brand and life coach. She works with creative leaders, visionaries and soul-driven entrepreneurs offering a unique blend of transformational techniques, strategic experience, intuitive insight and compassionate guidance. 

A student of the stars and the psyche, Renee has trained in astrology, mindfulness meditation, neurolinguistics and somatic practices. She helps people go beyond limiting beliefs to understand their unique genius, to expand their growing edge and make a difference in the world.