Creating a Soulful Brand

Learn how to build your brand from the inside out.

Are you a heart centered entrepreneur ready
to make a real difference in the world?

Grow your business with intention, and create a soulful brand.

The four modules in this course:

  • Your Brand Starts with Your Intention
  • Marketing is not Branding 
  • Developing a Positive Brand Mindset
  • Creating Authenticity with Astrology

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Renee Rotkopf Rotkopf

From corporate creative director to transformative coach, astrologer and personal brand expert. Renee's expertise can help you connect to your authentic self and soul's journey to have more agency in your life. Working directly with the subconscious mind, Renee is trained in N.L.P. , Hypnosis and Havening. Her holistic approach bridges the creative nature of the mind, with wisdom teachings to inspire the imagination and reimagine what is possible.