Explore the Constellation of You & Your Brand

Learn how astrology can help you create an authentic brand personality.

Course Summery

We are citizens of the earth and the universe and our lives are shaped by the planets and the stars.
Each of us has a unique mission in life, to become more fully expressed in the light of who we are meant to be. To navigate our challenges, learn our lessons and live our soul’s purpose. From the moment we’re born, there is a map of our psyche, a unique blueprint, a cosmic map, known as our natal birth chart. This map shows us who we are at our core, and provides a language for our those qualities that are hard to express. To embrace who you are meant to become, to empower our lives and our brand.

In this introductory course we will learn the basics of Astrology and the soul archetypes in the birth chart. We will explore our sun, moon and rising to gain a deeper understanding of our core nature and our super powers. We will learn how to flourish by establishing a deeper connection to our soul’s signature. Opening our hearts to the wisdom of the cosmos, to become a greater co-creator in our lives. Requirement: To have your astrology chart handy. If you don’t have one, you can create one by following the link to my website and print it out for this workshop. 

In this course we will

  • learn the basics of the soul archetypes in your birth chart 
  • explore your sun, moon and rising to understand your core super powers 
  • discover your elemental nature and essential energies 
  • discuss how to build your brand from the inside out  

Please have your astrology chart handy. Whole sign house system is preferred.

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    Learn how astrology can help you create an authentic brand from the inside out.


Renee Rotkopf

Renee is a former creative director, now creative business, brand and life coach. She works with creative leaders, visionaries and soul-driven entrepreneurs offering a unique blend of transformational techniques, strategic experience, intuitive insight and compassionate guidance. 

A student of the stars and the psyche, Renee has trained in astrology, mindfulness meditation, neurolinguistics and somatic practices. She helps people go beyond limiting beliefs to understand their unique genius, to expand their growing edge and make a difference in the world.