Join The Soulpreneur Membership with or without private coaching.

Understand what makes you unique and achieve your Soul Goal!

The Soulpreneur Society is a supportive community of spiritually minded entrepreneurs just like you. Combining branding, beliefs, marketing and a touch of magic, you'll get support and coaching to become unstoppable.

You will learn branding and marketing methods that will help you dive deeper into self, to embody your brand, and express your authenticity and create meaningful marketing communications. Astrology is a powerful tool to help you understand who you are at a core level. And, build your brand strategy, personality and confidence! 

And empower your "inner creator" through the creative mind.
Through neuro-somatic coaching and guided meditation, you will learn how to move past limiting beliefs to create a mindset for growth and success. Plus each month we have a new topic help you grow personally and professionally! Using the natural cycles of the moon and planetary transits we discuss action steps and develop meaning marketing communications. 

This membership help you grow personally and professionally! Including:

• Get live support for your brand 
• Be held accountable by supportive community of soul-inspiring members
• Discover your core self through astrology  
• Receive coaching to develop the creative mind
• Deepen your connection and build resilience through guided meditation
• Participate in creative brainstorm sessions


Learn how to move past limiting beliefs. Build greater resilience and establish growth mindsets to become unstoppable.


Explore how to create an authentic brand from the inside out. Using astrology to understand your core self and soul power.


Marketing is about growing and sharing your brand. Attracting the right audience and giving them what they need.


We are more powerful than we realize. We will activate our intention, using ritual and astrology to create magic.

Join The Soulpreneur Community and get support with branding, marketing and magic!
Plus, for even more support, select private 1:1 coaching to receive one 60 minute coaching session each month.

Renee Rotkopf

Renee is a former creative director, now creative business, brand and life coach. She works with creative leaders, visionaries and soul-driven entrepreneurs offering a unique blend of transformational techniques, strategic experience, intuitive insight and compassionate guidance. 

A student of the stars and the psyche, Renee has trained in astrology, mindfulness meditation, neurolinguistics and somatic practices. She helps people go beyond limiting beliefs to understand their unique genius, to expand their growing edge and make a difference in the world.