Discover the transformative power of Astrology, Coaching, and Brand Alchemy with Renee Rotkopf.

Let's Unlock Your Creative Potential Together.

Hi, I'm Renee, a multi-faceted transformation coach and astrologer. I empower clients to cultivate clarity, confidence, and lasting positive change in their lives. 

By harnessing the wisdom of astrology and transformative hypnotic techniques, we'll tap into your innate creativity, overcome limiting beliefs, and foster a growth mindset that paves the way to a more fulfilling life. 

As a former creative director in advertising turned Soulpreneur, I understand the challenges of navigating self-doubt and uncertainty on the path to personal and professional success. With my signature personal branding process, I'll guide you in building an authentic brand that not only aligns with your purpose but also enables you to make a meaningful impact in the world.

I offer customizable coaching packages that tunes into your specific needs, and focuses on Inner Alchemy, Astro Intelligence, and soul-centered Personal Branding.

More Clarity

Less Confusion

More Intuitive Insight

Are you struggling to break free from limiting beliefs, communicate your unique value, or create your vision?

As a transformative coach and astrologer, I'm here to provide you with that insights and clarity to rewire old patterns and guide you to have more agency in your life, to grow both personally and professionally.

Inner Alchmey

Experience a transformative journey and create new pathways for change.

  • N.L.P. Havening
  • Hypnosis
  • Parts Integration
  • Guided Visualization
  • Alchemical Breathwork
  • Customized Meditations


Tune into your celestial guidance to have deeper insight and clearer direction.

  • Discover your super powers
  • Understand your life's lessons
  • Reveal your soul purpose
  • Activate opportunities
  • Heal past life or ancestral patterns
  • Customized Meditations

Personal Branding

Have greater clarity and creative potential with soul-centered branding.

  • Soul strategy
  • Astro-brand signature 
  • Style guide
  • Logo design
  • Use AI for more ease and creative flow
  • Creative meditation practices  



Raise your brand to a higher vibration, with Astrology and AI.

Let's embark journey of self discovery to unleash your creativity and soul potential.

  • Delve into the world of astrology, to deepen your understanding of your unique strengths and purpose
  • Engage in creative practices that encourage self-reflection, and brand growth
  • Develop a strong personal brand that reflects your authentic self
  • Get valuable guidance, resources, and marketing tools
  • Learn how to use AI to have more creative agency
  • Participate in co-creation sessions for inspiration and connection with like-minded individuals

Renee isn’t just an astrologer; she’s a guiding force, a beacon of light in the complexities of life.

Choosing her as a birthday gift to myself a few years ago—and continuing the tradition with a session every year around my birthday—has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. With her insights, I’ve navigated personal and professional challenges with a clarity I never thought possible. Her guidance is not just about the stars; it’s about unlocking potential, understanding paths, and making informed choices with a deeper understanding of oneself. Thank you, Renne, for being the compass I didn’t know I needed. Here’s to more enlightenment, growth, and cosmic guidance!

- E.H. Innovation Leader

Craving a creative community of
soul-centered entrepreneurs?

As a solopreneur or small business owner, it's easy to feel isolated and overwhelmed as you navigate the complexities of building a soul-aligned brand. Having a supportive community of like-minded individuals who understand your journey and can offer encouragement, guidance, and accountability is where my soul-centered membership comes in. By joining our tribe, you'll gain access to the resources, mentorship, and camaraderie you need to thrive, ensuring you never have to face the challenges of entrepreneurship alone.

Together, we'll rise, uplift each other, and create meaningful connections that support your growth and success.

Create an Authentic Brand

Discover your astro-archetypes and super powers. Get tips, trusted resources and support to build your brand from the inside out.

Share Meaningful Marketing

Know your tribe, and share your value. Awaken your inner creator and share meaningful marketing that express who you are. And, have fun doing it!

Achieve Your Soul Goal

Belong to a supportive of community of creative healers. Co-create with the cosmos, develop your skills and stay on track with your goals. 


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