Soul Purpose Journey

Gain clarity and confidence in your self, career and business.

Align to Your Soul's Purpose

Using astrology, transformation techniques, and embodiment practices - this 1:1 package will align you with your soul's purpose. 

Starting with your natal birth chart, we will look for the energetic keys that will help us understand your lessons and super powers in this life. And also explore the upcoming cycles and themes to gain insight around any challenges as well as opportunities for growth.

Then through a series of creative sessions you will dive deep into your heart's desire to reimagine what is possible. Integrating your emotional body we will also connect deeply to your intuitive voice. You will learn how to reshape the patterns and stories in your nervous system and develop a mindset for growth. This unique process will provide you with greater clarity and confidence, helping you achieve your goals and become a greater co-creator with life.

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This coaching package includes these courses & meditations to support your transformation.

Renee Rotkopf

Renee is a former creative director, now creative business, brand and life coach. She works with creative leaders, visionaries and soul-driven entrepreneurs offering a unique blend of transformational techniques, strategic experience, intuitive insight and compassionate guidance. 

A student of the stars and the psyche, Renee has trained in astrology, mindfulness meditation, neurolinguistics and somatic practices. She helps people go beyond limiting beliefs to understand their unique genius, to expand their growing edge and make a difference in the world.