Are you a entrepreneur with a soul calling 
to make a difference in the world?

As a Soulpreneur you're following your heart and intuition, working with the laws of the universe and wanting to build a business that aligns with your values. You want to create a life you love, and achieve financial freedom at the same time.

And as good as this sounds, you know it's not easy.  You're constantly learning new things, wearing many hats, and managing fear. That's why its so important to have the support to stay focused and grow into your future.

Because deep down inside, you know that the real key to your success is not in the knowledge you obtain, but in the wisdom of believing in yourself each and every day. And believing in "you" means knowing who you are at a deeper level. And, having a clear of vision of what you're creating, and how you want to share it. To embody your values, build brand with purpose and communicate in meaningful ways with your marketing.

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The Soulpreneur Society is a supportive community of spiritually minded entrepreneurs helping each other grow!

We use astrology to understand our natal super powers. And, learn tips and tricks to build our skills, creativity and confidence! 

Membership includes:

  • Pro tips to build an authentic brand Best practices to create meaningful marketing 
  • Creative session that highlights member brands 
  • Inspirational sessions that build creative muscle 
  • Coaching to go beyond limiting beliefs to develop confidence 
  • Monthly new moon intention activation with meditation 
  • Live sessions with Q+A support Hours of recorded content 

Soulpreneur Members

 Working with Renee has been an eye opener! An inspiring journey learning more about myself. My skills, my challenges and perhaps the most important; my self-image of limited beliefs that has prevented me from pursuing my purpose. I am very grateful to be part of this Soulpreneurs Community. It is filling my life with inspiration, abundance, and compassion. 

M. R.
Furniture Designer

Renee has been and continues to be a tremendous resource of life-affirming positive thinking and self-awareness. For me, it has long been a challenge to "get out of my own head" and techniques we have been practicing as a group have proven helpful. I have learned that letting go and allowing creative energy to find me can be key. I have been impressed how elements in my chart align with my mindset - and hope to continue on this path to more fully realize and activate my creative powers. 

Sports Writer

So far working with Renee has been the most helpful thing I have done in order to open my own business. With her knowledge of astrology and powerful coaching,  I'm getting really good, solid information, advice and suggestions for creating a business that is in alignment with my higher purpose. The membership is very motivating, it helps me stay inspired and focused on taking positive steps toward opening my business. And I get to see Renee and my Soulpreneur buddies,  sharing the energy and supporting each other!


Renee’s approach to branching is unique. She starts at the original pulse which sparked the creative thought. With the magic of astrology and symbolism of words, she helped me to delve deep to know my business at the soul level. Working with Renee was one of the best business decisions I made. In the membership community Renee is generous with her wisdom and her sacred knowledge. Each time we meet, I am given the opportunity to grow as an individual and as a brand. 

Energy Healer

I am the owner at maker of Claire Essentials – Plant Based Skincare. Last year I needed a brand refresh and found Renee Rotkopf. I had been a member of her branding group The Soulpreneur Society and appreciated her creative ideas, soul centered approach and down to earth style. Renee provided me with a few great ideas on new labels and copy, it was so refreshing to find someone that really heard me. She was patient and helped to explain the process along the way. I have gotten nothing but great reviews on my new labels and am delighted with them, they truly represent my brand. I would encourage anyone in need of a brand refresh to work with Renee, you will not be sorry.

Essential Oil Product Maker

Renee weaves a deep understanding of ancient astrological wisdom together with strong business acumen and enthusiastic innovation to provide entrepreneurs like me with practical, thought-provoking, and custom-tailored guidance to empower authentic steps towards manifesting professional dreams. Her vast warehouse of lessons and resources are both educational and mind-expanding; her birth chart archetype material and Wheel of Life 12-house guide are both references I return back to for insight and inspiration time and time again. 

Singer, Songwriter